Will Google Penalize Content Written by AI?

Google is smart enough to update its algorithm to penalize low-quality content

Tabby Indian
4 min readAug 4, 2021

Google has a long history of penalizing websites that violate its quality guidelines. Will it start applying these same standards to the artificial intelligence-generated text on web pages? No one likes crap, and no one likes to read content that is not written by humans. Looking at Google’s history of penalizing duplicate content, spun content, and auto-generated content, user-generated content there should be no surprise if Google updates its algorithm to filter out content written by AI.

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Google and other search engines might be using machine learning to flag sentences that don’t meet its standards for grammar or readability, respectively. This will be done in a similar way as to how the company censors search results for inappropriate images or videos. If an AI-generated sentence contains too many errors, then Google Search will not show it at all in the preview box when looking up information about certain people or topics.

Will Google Penalize the content written by AI?

I can answer it as Yes and No both. Let’s find it out. When you generate content with AI, it will be just fine as a paragraph but would it flow with your whole content? That depends on what AI you are using to generate content. If the AI is not smart enough, it will definitely be a problem. You can discuss previously what I mentioned in my previous article about Google will penalize bad content.

You might have heard about the Giant Language Model Test Room (GLTR). A lot of people are sharing this article on LinkedIn, saying that Google has new quality guidelines but that’s a half-truth.

Even Google has used AI for its content for years and it’s now more advanced than ever.

What are the benefits of using AI to write content:

Generating content with AI is a great way to boost your content marketing strategy. Previously, the limit was time and budgets for authors and publishers. Now, companies can write more unique articles in less time than it takes their human counterparts to write just one article.

How can we tell if a piece of content is written by an AI or not?

Most of the AI-generated content is easy to distinguish. Most of the AI content will not make sense as a whole article. The flow will not be as it should be. Grammar and punctuation will not be perfect.

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What should you do to avoid Google penalizing your blog posts written by artificial intelligence?

Everyone is talking about Google penalizing your content because of low quality. You can save yourself by possible google algorithm update and be future proof if you follow the steps below:

Do topic research before you write your AI content: Do research and see what H1 H2 and headlines you need to include in your content.

Proper fact check the facts, numbers written by AI: Jarvis does write wrong facts, so you need to fix it. Wrong facts can get your site in trouble.

Fix grammar error: Sentence structure, punctuation. Use Grammarly or any other tool to make your life easier.

Proofread: Generate the first draft of AI content and read it in silence. If you can understand what the article says, then you’re good to go!

Format the content: Format the content to make the article easy to read.

The question of whether Google will penalize content written by AI is a complicated one. On the one hand, there are many benefits to using artificial intelligence for generating content. It can help you stay on top of trends and engage with more people online without having to spend as much time writing new articles yourself. However, if an article contains too many errors or facts that aren’t properly fact-checked, it could end up hurting your SEO rankings in the long run. The best way to avoid this problem altogether would be to use high tools like Grammarly when editing content generated by AI programs such as Jarvis so that any grammar mistakes stand out right away.



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